What Does Persistent Mean?


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Persistent refers to anything that continues for a long time. A persistent child could be one who keeps on making a racket about buying a toy for the whole day until the parent agrees. A persistent employee would be one who would tenaciously work on problems until he came up with solutions. A salesman is persistent when he calls you up to sell that detergent even when you refused just the previous day.
Sometimes, we also use it in the context of health when we say that someone has a persistent cough.
Sometimes it can be referred to a consistent sound or other stimulus that you do not enjoy. For example, the persistent rock music coming out of your neighbor's teenager son's room or the lingering moldy smell in an old house.
The part of speech for 'persistent' is adjective. Sometimes it is used as an adverb, as in:

The boy persistently practised playing his guitar at night even though the neighbors complained.

The best definition that I came across for this word was'Refusing to give up or let go; persevering obstinately'

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