Does Chronic Mean Serious In Medical Terms?


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Chronic has evolevd into mainstream language as meaning something serious 'He has a chronic cough' for example, but in medical terms it means long term, not necessarily serious.
Acute illnesses are the opposite of chronic, these are usually sudden, last for a short time, produce rapid changes and may reach a peak before the patient begins to shake off the illness and is on the road to recovery.
With a chronic condition, the symptoms may linger for several months or even years, but the condition may not significantly deteriorate. So some people may have a chronic condition which is not signifcantly affecting their health, but leaves them under par.
Often people with a chronic condition such as migraine, asthma psoriasis or diabetes can live normal lives, with long bouts of remission and very little evidence of symptoms. So the diagnosis of a chronic condition need not mean that an illness is particularly life threatening.

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