What Does Tangential Mean?


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To be close to something
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The word tangential is the adjective form of the word tangent. Tangential is defined as a plane of sectioning, which is either at right angles to the radial or parallel to the surface of a structure which is flattened, such as that of a leaf. The word tangential is defined as the direction which is along the tangent of the rim, that is following a straight line which is perpendicular to the radius.

Outer notes have a tangential orientation, that is their length axes point along the rim. Strictly, the word tangential is defined as something which coincides with a tangent at the circumference of a tree or that of a log, or which is parallel to such a tangent.

However, the word tangential means something which is coincident with a growth ring. A tangential section is a longitudinal section through a tree or limb which is perpendicular to a radius. Flat-grained lumber (or wood) is sawed tangentially.

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