What Does Suave Mean?


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The term suave is generally addressed to explain the behaviour of an individual like smoothly agreeable or polite.

Suave is also the name of a well known brand from Chicago, IL applied by the Unilever Corporation in United States, Mexico and Canada. Its main aim is the discount based stores and the brand symbolizes more than 100 merchandises like Shampoos, lotions, soaps and deodorants. Suave was launched in the year 1937, in USA as a hair tonic. Over the period of years the brand was bought by Unilever, which later by the 1970's started growing the Suave name further than hair care product into various other sectors.

Seeing the rise of discount stores like the Wal-Mart, during the 1990's Unilever came up with a strategy, known as "The power of Value", to promote its own Suave brand.

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