What Does ESPN Stand For?


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ESPN is an abbreviation of Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. The network is dedicated to sports 24 hours a day. It was founded by Scott Rasmussen and his father Bill Rasmussen, and launched on September 7, 1979. ESPN broadcasts primarily out of its studios in Bristol, Connecticut and is available in over 77 million homes in the United States. The name of the company was shortened to "ESPN Inc." in February 1985.

ESPN is 80 percent owned by ABC, Inc., which is an indirect subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The Hearst Corporation holds the remaining 20 percent interest in ESPN.
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ESPN formerly stood for the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, but I'm not sure if it still does
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ESPN stands for Entertainment Sports Program Network
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Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
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Every sport played nationwide. Just kidding it means Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

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