What Does The Word Scramble Means? (food)


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Scramble is both a noun and a verb, and has several meanings. The verb means:

-to climb, crawl or walk with difficulty over rough ground, rocks etc. (We scrambled down the cliff.)

-to struggle with competitors (everyone scrambled for the best job.)

-to move awkwardly or hastily (I scrambled up out of the chair.)

-to cook (usually eggs) by mixing them thoroughly with milk and butter, and stirring over a low heat

--to change the frequency of a transmission (using a device called a "scrambler") so it becomes unintelligible without decoding.

-(aircraft) to take off quickly in an emergency.

The noun refers to the act of scrambling or a difficult walk or climb (We managed to get up the hill, but it was a scramble.)

A scramble can also be a motorcylce race (on a "scrambling bike") over rough ground, or for aircraft, the act of taking off quickly in an emergency.

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