What Is Encryption And Decryption?


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Encryption and decryption are both methods used to ensure the secure passing of messages and other sensitive documents and information.

Encryption basically means to convert the message into code or scrambled form, so that anybody who does not have the 'key' to unscramble the code, cannot view it. This is usually done by using a 'cipher'. A cipher is a type of algorithm used in encryption that uses a certain described method to scramble the data. The cipher can only be 'deciphered' with a 'key'. A key is the actual 'described method' that was used to scramble the data, and hence the key can also unscramble the data.

When the data is unscrambled by the use of a key, that is what is known as 'decryption'. It is the opposite of encryption and the 'described method' of scrambling is basically applied in reverse, so as to unscramble it. Hence, the jumbled and unreadable text becomes readable once again.

In network security, password encryption as well as document encryption is a major player. Without it, there would be no 'security' in the network. Also, encryption is used for all sorts of files, and all forms of digital transfers as well. It is used on the internet to safeguard websites and copyrighted material, as well as in bank ATM machines. The encryption process plays a major factor in our technology advanced lives.
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Encryption is an algorithm which converts the message into a form that is unreadable known as scrambled message and decryption is the process which converts the encrypted message into readable form known as unscrambled message. Actually this is a method to transfer message from one side to other in a secure manner.

For example when a buyer wants to buy something from the seller over the internet, for this purpose buyer will have to give his credit card number on the web site which can be stolen. In order to secure this transaction encryption and decryption takes place. Both buyer and seller are given digital certificate by certification authority which contains private key and public key. Public key is known publicly but private key will be known only by digital certificate holder. In order to send buyer's credit card number buyer will apply a public key of seller which is publicly known the message will become encrypted and went to seller and then seller will apply his private key on the message to decrypt the message.

Public key of seller actually will convert the message into algorithm which will not be readable even seller will not be able to read the message until he will apply his private key. In this way the transaction become secure that no body can read the message until he has the private key of the seller.
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Self-destruct email technology use encryption and decryption to protect your organization's sensitive data online

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