What Does The Name "Sherry" Mean?


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Sherry is American and means "Darling".
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Sherry is the name of a type of wine. It is a fortified and cask-aged wine that originated from the town of Jerez in Spain. It is made using the Palomino, Muscat and Pedro Ximenez grapes and can range from sweet to dry in taste. It is very popular as an aperitif before dinner and is served at room temperature or chilled. Sherry can be of various types depending on their colour, flavour sweetness and other factors. It is similar to other fortified wine like port but contains less alcoholic content.

Sherry is known for its long and glorious history which is better than most of the wine in existence in the modern age and time. It is believed that even the ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed this wine made in the Jerez district of Spain which is supplemented by considerable archaeological evidence. It was known as sack in those days and differs from other types of wines due to its style of fermentation.

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