What Does Shenandoah Mean?


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The word "Shenandoah" is of Native American origin. It means something like "daughter of the stars". There are a lot of places that have been named on this Native Indian word including Shenandoah River found in the American state of Virginia, Shenandoah Valley which is the valley of the very same river and Shenandoah National Park located in the east of the very same Valley.

There are a number of other places including Shenandoah a city in Iowa, Shenandoah Community in New York, in Pennsylvania there is a borough called Shenandoah, There is a city in Texas called Shenandoah, a town in Virginia is called Shenandoah and there's even a Shenandoah River in New Zealand on the other side of the world. There is even a singer of Iroquois origin named Shenandoah.

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