What Does Autumn Mean?


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Autumn is another word for fall. It is defined as the season when the leaves change the colour and fall from the trees, leaving the ground with a splendid array of brilliant red, yellow and orange dried leaves. It is the season the marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of the winter season.

It occurs approximately at the same time when the sun is close to the winter solstice. It is the season that usually begins in the month of September and goes on until the month of November in North American and Europe, which lie in the northern hemisphere, and the season that occurs between the months of March and May in the southern hemisphere, which includes the continent of Australia.

If expressed in astronomical terms, the autumn season refers to the season which starts from the autumnal equinox and extends upto the winter solstice. Autumn or fall, in fact, mark the period of transition between the summer and the winter seasons.
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Possibly the explanation not yet known by Qer is:
Autumn is just another word for (the) fall (of the year).
Autumn also describes an imaginary line in the sky, called the equinox, that the sun's path moves south of in the northern hemisphere to mark the last day of summer--and the same (but with the sun's track moving northward) in the southeren hemisphere.

Autumn is more precise because it refers to sun's apparent motion. Fall is less precise (but more commonly used) as it refers to falling of leaves . . .which does not happen everywhere.

The same kind of dichotomy happens as between spring (leaves spring out) and vernal (green) equinox that marks the last day of winter.

Good question.
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Autumn can mainly mean fall or a name.

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