What Do Odds Mean?


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Odds is defined the likelihood or chances of an event occurring rather than not occurring. Odds is a word that is also used to refer to the ratio by which the wager placed by one better is greater than that placed by another better.

In statistics and the theory of probability, the odds in favour of the happening of an event or proposition is represented by the equation quantity p/(1-p), where p is used as a variable. Here the letter p in lower case is used to denote the probability of the happening of an event or a proposition.

The logarithm of the odds is the logic of the probability. Odds is always represented in the form of a fraction. The numerator of the fraction shows how many times the event has occurred, and the denominator indicates how many times it has not occurred. In other words, odds is the figure obtained by dividing the number of times an event occurs by the number of times it does not occur.
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