What Does Scribe Mean?


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The word scribe or scrivener is defined as an ancient profession. It refers to any person who could read or write, and was thus able to perform administrative and secretarial duties such as dictation and record-keeping (maintaining business, judicial and historical records) for rulers such as kings, the nobility, temples and cities. The profession of scribes later developed into such professions as those of public servants, accountants and lawyers.

The word scribe is also the slang for a journalist. A copyist is also known as a scribe. The definition of a copyist is one who was employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts (before the invention of the printing press). A scriber is defined as a sharp-pointed awl. It is used to mark wood or metal to be cut. To scribe is a verb which means to score a line on (the surface of something) with a sharp-pointed instrument (such as a scriber), as in metalworking.
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A person who serves as a professional copyist, esp. One who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of printing.

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