What Does Score Mean In Punctuation?


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In punctuation, the word score is a verb which means to make underscoring marks. In other words, to score also means to underscore. The word to underscore is a verb. It means to run a rule or a small line below a line of type. The symbol for underscore is _.

Underscore is also a musical term. When used in the context of music, the word underscore means a piece of music which provides an atmospheric or emotional background to the primary dialogues or narration (which forms the foreground) on screen. The background musical score emphasises the action which is being depicted on screen. It is mainly used in the context of the background musical scores which are composed for films, television shows and music videos.

It is also defined as a piece of music which is played softly. It goes on underneath and accompanies another action. This action is usually the characters (or a film or a television show) talking.

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