What Does The GT Score Mean?


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GT is General Technical score. A composite GT score is derived from the Armed Services Vocational Ability Battery(ASVAB), and more specifically, by the subsets of Arithmetic Reasoning and Verbal Expression (e.g., paragraph comprehension and word knowledge). The ASVAB is taken by all who wish to enlist in the US military.

A GT score is often the determinant for which positions a person can be considered in the military. For example, a GT score of 110 is required to enlist in Officer Candidate school (Army), 115 for Marine OCS, and 109 for Coast Guard OCS. A score of 110 is required for pilot, and generally qualifies a person for positions up to step 18. Any score less than 110 GT will often make you ineligible for the "good" army jobs, and the good military schools. Practically speaking, it would not be possible to become an officer or have on eo f the better enlisted jobs with less than a GT score of 110 .

It's a good idea to go to your local bookstore and get an ASVAB study guide, and study up before taking the exam.. Reading, math, science and verbal comprehension/expression will all affect GT score. It's not that hard to do, but surprisingly, many don't study for the ASVAB--and don't understand how GT will affect their future in the service...
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General Technical (GT) score is for soldiers who are interested in the Warrant Officer Program. For complete information about GT Score, visit the following link.
GT Score

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