What Does Spool Mean?


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The term spool usually has a number of meanings the most common version of Spool, is the unflanged plastic cylindrical hub onto which a magnetic tape is rolled in a compressed cassette.

The magnetic tape basically is a non-volatile storage means comprising of a slim plastic strip. Most of the recoding tapes are made up of this type, whether applied for video, audio or universal reason. Magneto-optical and optical tape storage inventions have been expanded applying a number of similar concepts as magnetic storage, however have attained little commercial success.

Magnetic tapes were initially developed with the basic idea of recording sound by Fritz Pfeumer in the year 1926 in Germany, this invention was some what based on magnetic wire recording which was create by Valdemar Poulsen in the year 1898.
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In computer science it means "Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On Line".

-Paras Dorle

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