What Does Fax Mean?


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Modern faxing technique use the internet connection to send and receive fax documents instead of using  the traditional phone line. It is also know as online faxing, internet faxing or email fax service.
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Fax is the short form of the word facsimile transmission. A fax device is a device used for the process of telecopying. A fax transmits written or graphic material electronically over telephone lines, and produces a hard copy at a remote location.

It is a system of communication commonly used for the purpose of delivering paper documents or other graphic material in which a special digital image scanner scans all the pages of the document, compresses the scanned image using the CCITT Group Compression (a method of compression) and transmits the digital signal by the medium of wire or radio to the receiver who has a fax machine at a remote place. The fax receiver decompresses the signals received by it and prints the digital images on paper.
Fax is a method of communication by which a document is digitally copied and then converted into an analog signal before it is transmitted to a remote point using a standard telephone line. Because using the faxing method is not exact, the recipient does not always receive a perfect copy. In fact, the result is often a reasonable facsimile copy of the document, which many not be too clear.
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Fax  means the transmitting of digitally scanned document over  an analog telephone lines of which is printed by a remote printer or fax machine.
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It is a way of communication that goes over telephone which sends written or graphic information from a database to another.  It is often given on brochures and stuff with the telephone number.

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