What Does Siamese Mean?


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The word Siamese is an adjective and it can refer to Siam, a place in the country of Thailand. You can use the term for the language that is spoken in the Siam area of the country but the most popular use of the word is when you are referring to a kind of twins that are born with the feature of having their bodies joined together in some way. Sometimes you will find that the Siamese twins are sharing the same organs for a particular purpose.

When you are associating the word with the word 'cat' you are referring to a kind of cat that is of short pale fur and has brown face. The ears, tail and feet are also of brown colour. Sometimes you even don't need to use the word and only 'Siamese' can convey the same meaning as that of Siamese cat.
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As a noun, 'Siamese' is either a slender short-haired blue-eyed breed of cat having a pale coat with dark ears paws face and tail tip or a native or inhabitant of Thailand.

As an adjective, 'siamese' is two very similar things, such as Siamese Twins or the connection of two or more pipes or hoses or having such a connection.

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