What Does Sessile Mean?


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The word sessile has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word Sessilis which means 'low' (regarding position). It was taken from sessus (verb sedere, meaning 'to sit'). Sessile is a word generally used in Botany and Zoology. It conveys two different meanings in each context. In botany, it refers to flowers and leaves. The flowers or leaves without a stalk are called sessile. In flowers the stalk is known as pedicle. For leaves the stalk is known as petiole. Such flowers and leaves arise from the peduncle. Peduncle is also known as stem.

In Zoology, sessile describes stationary or non-mobile organisms. Such organisms are attached to a solid or rigid substrate. Generally, the base or support is a rock or any other surface like ship-hull. Different stages of development in organisms show such sessility or mobility. After a motile stage organisms enter the sessile stage which is permanent.
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Permanently attached to a substrrate not free to move about;sessile marine animal;and plant

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