What Does The Name Jonathan Mean?


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It is often supposed that this name is a more modern version of John. In fact it is a different name, although also of Hebrew origin and similar age.

Jonathan is a Biblical name meaning "God has given." It actually has roughly the same meaning as the name Matthew, which comes from the Hebrew Matthias or "gift of God." Originally the names had the same basic elements in them, but in Jonathan the order is reversed.

The most famous Jonathan in the Bible was Saul's son in the book of Samuel. According to this story, David (the future king of Israel) was initially a friend and favourite of King Saul, but Saul gradually grew jealous of him and even tried to kill him. Throughout these changes, however, David and Jonathan remained close friends. This story is probably the reason why the name was often given to boys, as it tended to be associated with friendship and loyalty.

The name can also be spelled Jonathon and, occasionally, Johnathan. The usual short form is Jon.
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Jonathan is a common masculine given name meaning "Yahweh (God) has given", "gift of God" in Hebrew. The first known Jonathan was a son of King Saul in the Hebrew Bible, a close friend of David.

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Gift of God or Gift of Jehovah. It's Hebrew in nature but is also from Israel. In the bible David's best friend was Jonathan.
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Hebrew, meaning jehovah has given, or Jehovah's gift.
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There was a magic to the way everything came together. OR gift of GOD

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