What Does The Name Brady Mean?


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The name Brady comes from the Gaelic word "Bradach”, which refers to having a large chest. The somewhat uncommon name is suitable for both males and females and is used generally in countries such as England and Ireland, due to its Gaelic origins. It also derives from the Irish term "O’Bradaigh’. It is an unusual name if you’re looking to avoid your child having a common name, with many other kids in their school classes also having popular names. If the baby has any connection with Ireland, say through parents or even the place of conception, it would be a perfectly suited name, subtly hinting towards an Irish background.

Before choosing a name for your baby, you ought to spend countless hours scouring baby books and doing extensive revision. This is essential because, quite clearly, the child will be stuck with their name for their entire life; it isn’t as trivial a decision as naming a pet. There are plenty of places you can look for inspiration, such as the internet or books. You could even adopt the name of one of the child’s ancestors, or the middle name of either parent, depending on the sex of the child. There are so many names to choose from and the task of picking one that will last the duration of your child’s life can be a daunting task.

You could even wait until the child is born and see if anything about the period around the birth inspires a name for the child. It is much more precious to choose a name with some association to the child rather than merely picking a name from random from a baby book. Don’t make the process of choosing the name into a chore though; it’s a celebration of your very own creation!
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The word 'Brady' is used as a name for both a male and a female child and mostly you can find the use of the word in the country of England and Ireland. The word can trace its origin in the Irish language and is derived from the term 'O Bradaigh'. The meaning that you can figure out from the use of the word is the descendant of Bradach. The word Bradach can trace its origin in the Gaelic language and it conveys the idea of having a large chest.

Brady is not the only derivation of the word Bradach and it has six other variants also. These are Bradey, Bradie, Braidy, Braedy, Braydie and Braidie.

The word is very popular not only as a name but also as a surname of a person.
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My name is brady and I was wondering if anyone knows anymore about the name?

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