How Do You Use Spontaneous Generation In A Sentence?


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Spontaneous generation is also called abiogenesis and refers to a theory which is now discredited, and states that all living organisms can arise from nonliving material. Abiogenesis is still considered a branch of natural science which studies how life arises from non organic material through a number of natural processes.

  • Amino acids are called the building blocks of life, and these allow abiogenesis to occur through a number of processes and chemical reactions which cause life to occur.
  • Experiments have been conducted which try to mimic the conditions of the earth and therefore allow life to happen.
  • Organic molecules can occur on earth through two sources: Terrestrial and extra terrestrial origins. Terrestrial origins refers to the fact that organic synthesis can occur through shocks or energy sources such as ultraviolet light, or electronic discharges. For extra terrestrial, objects or the gravitational pull of organic molecules from space can result in life forms.
  • For many scientists, abiogenesis is actually an exercise in reduction wherein humans try to conceptualize life through progressively simpler components as well as try to imagine that history can reverse this conceptualization. In order to try to understand abiogenesis, we must start with the simplest components and the simplest types of interactions that can occur to produce life.
  • The chemistry of both life and non-life forms are bridged through chemistry and physics, and it is understood that the proper combination of ingredients can indeed bring about life forms.
  • The scientific approach to abiogenesis can be divided into 3 stages: Studying the origin of monomers or the basic building blocks of life, the origin of polymers which are the chains of the building blocks, and lastly the origin of cells.

Abiogenesis and spontaneous generation are quite controversial topics in the field of science, although there have been lots of experiments and studies made which you can study to learn more about them.

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