What Does Sceptre Mean?


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The word sceptre is defined as a symbol of religious and sophisticated power. It is used as a part of royal insignia. To put it in the simplest terms, a sceptre is actually nothing more than a staff. The sceptres used for ceremonial purposes are usually highly decorated and studded with precious metals and gemstones.

The topping of a sceptre varies in different countries and even in different periods of time. In the Middle Ages, there were two distinct forms of sceptres. One was a long staff, also known as a rod, which was officially known as a baculum, and the other was a shorter staff, which was known as a sceptrum. The meanings of both types of sceptres, however, were identical.

A sceptre is defined as nothing but a ceremonial staff which was held by a representative of the royal family. It was said to have authoritarian powers. The original design of a sceptre was believed to have been based on a type of crystal gun device. This was used by royal agents. Piezoelectric energy was believed to be projected from these staffs, which would blind or shock the persons at whom they were targeted.

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