What Does The Name Elan Mean?


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Elan is a rare male first name and surname. The variants of the name which are more popular than 'Elan' are Alan and Evan. Apart from these two, there are other variants like Elon, Elian, Eilan, Edan, Eban, Elam, Eman, Eran, Etan, Euan, Ewan, Elman and Eian.

The word Elan has an English origin. One of the first bearers of the name was the Elan family from the Lords of the Manor in the West Riding of Yorkshire. One of the first settlers of this name was Adam England who settled in Virginia in the year 1690. It is believed that bearers of this name have a certain amount of flair and liveliness quite similar to the meaning of the word "élan."

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