What Does Repulsion Mean?


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Repulsion means to push away .  To find something or someone extremely un-attractive .
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I have repulsion my family. Is that a true grammered sentence?
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I have repulsion my family. Is that a true grammered sentence?
I think you mean:
Is that sentence grammatically correct?
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Repulsion in chemistry stands for the force which exists between two bodies that have the same electric charge or the same magnetic polarity, this force tends to repel the bodies and separate them from each other.

Repulsion also stands for a 1965 movie which was directed by Roman Polanski. Repulsion was Roman Polanski's first feature film in the English language; the movie was filmed in Britain. The star cast of the movie involved Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry and John Hendry. The story of the movie involves a virgin called Belgian Carol, who is repelled by the idea of sex, is also equally attracted to it, however later in the movie she becomes a slave to her own paranoid fears and she is unable to tell the difference between the real world and the fantasy world. She also violently starts killing the people she knew.

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