What Does Puerco Mean?


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Puerco is a Spanish word for "pork." Puerco also refers to a hog, a domesticated pig that weighs more than 120 pounds. This pig is relatively heavy and has a lot of fat. Domesticated pigs or hogs were prevalent in large numbers in the US in the beginning of the early 20th century. As slang, puerco can refer to fat, sloppy people or women with immoral character.

"Puerco pibil" is a traditional Mexican pork delicacy. It is prepared from marinating the Cochinita (baby pig) in a strong acid citrus liquid and using annatto seed for colouring. After roasting the meat, it is wrapped in a banana leaf.

Puerto beds are a name given to the strata formation which belongs to the early Eocene era. They are found in North-western New Mexico and are distinguished by the mammalian remnants of that era.

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