What Does 'Mutiny' Mean?


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Mutiny is any uprising against a designated authority. It is the act of conspiring to disobey or rebelling against an authority that the rebels are obliged to obey. For example 'The captain made it very clear no mutiny would be tolerated on his ship'.

Nowadays the term mutiny is usually used in connection with a rebellion of junior members of the military or navy against their senior officers. During the Age of Discovery however the term mutiny was also used to indicate uprisings on ships by crew members against their captains. This was a serious offence and mutineers were severely punished as a deterrent to others. In those cases the mutiny may either involve a few crew members or very rarely all of them. Two famous examples are the mutiny that took place on Ferdinand Magellan's voyage and the mutiny on the Discovery- Henry Hudson's ship.

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