What Does Marshal Mean?


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The term marshal takes on a number of meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. In some countries, a marshal is popularly a military officer with the highest rank. The term could also refer to a field marshal.    A Marshal is also a U.S. Federal officer belonging to a judicial district who is in charge of carrying out court orders and executing duties that are similar to those resting with a sheriff. In the United States, it may also refer to a city law enforcement officer who has to execute court orders. In the US it is also the title given to the chief of a police department or fire department. A marshal could refer to a person who is in charge of a ceremony or parade. A high official belonging to a royal court, in particular one who aids the sovereign in its military dealings is also called a marshal.    It could also be used in reference to the infinitive 'to marshal', meaning ushering; placing in correct rank or position, brining together and ordering in an proper or effective way; or  taking form or order.

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