How Does Conflict Theory Affect Racial Profiling?


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Conflict theory is a concept in sociology. It states how a society or organisation functions so that every individual participant and its groups struggle to maximise their benefits. It inevitably contributes to social changes. There may be changes in the political scenario and these large-scale upheavals lead to revolutions. Conflict theory tries to examine how people who belong to some communities or races are innately more aggressive than others, and how others are more peaceful and calmer than others.

Certain classes within a society are constantly in conflict with the others. Conflict theory makes it easier for sociologists to understand what prompts people belonging to a certain class of the society to be more rebellious than others and explain the social changes that take place. There are four primary assumptions of modern-day conflict theory. These assumptions are competition, structural inequality, revolution and war. The assumptions of the conflict theory are believed to unify the society to which they are applied.

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