What Does 'Nez Perce' Mean?


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Nez Perce is a misnomer which was given by the then interpreter guiding the Lewis and Clark expedition after they first came across the tribe in the year 1805. The name comes from the French, meaning "pierced nose." However, this is an erroneous description of the tribe. The tribe neither practiced nose piercing or wearing of ornaments.

The language of the Nez Perce is from the Sahaptian language family.

This tribe of Native Americans, also spelled as, was found living in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States during the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They call themselves Ni-Mii-Puu (which is pronounced nee-mee-poo). It simply means "the People." The tribe was once renowned for their breeding and horsemanship tradition which was shattered in the 19th century.

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The Nez Perce, also known as Nez Percé is a tribe that belongs to the Native Americans. These tribes have settled themselves in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. This inhabitation took place at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The word Nez Perce's, which is pronounced as nee-mee-poo, simply means "the People."

This traditional islands covered areas like Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, in an area surrounding the Snake River and the Clearwater River. The language spoken here is Nez Perce language, which belongs to the Sahaptian language family.
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Nez Perce actually means "pierced nose". When the French came, they stereotyped that all Ni Mii Puu had their noses pierced. Even though I do have mine pierced.

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