What Does Misty Mean?


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Misty means "characterized by mist or haze." Something which is vague, unclear or indistinguishable is known to be misty. Some of the synonyms of the word "misty" are cloudy, filmy, foggy, murky, blurry etc. Being misty implies a presence of a film-like substance which blurs the vision.

Misty can also mean "sentimental or full of gentle emotion."

Here is a sentence with the word "misty" in it: "By the end of the movie, we were all left misty-eyed. "

The "misty" in the above sentence implies that the story or the content of the movie moved the people into tears or made them feel touched.

Here is another example of the word misty in a sentence:
"I have a misty recollection of what transpired yesterday before I lost conscious."
The above sentence implies that the person is able to vaguely recall the happenings of the other day.

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