What Does Monotremes Mean?


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Monotremes are a type of mammal that are found exclusively in Australia. The have some of the usual attributes of mammals ~ they have body hair, they are warm blooded and they produced milk from mammary glands to feed their young. However, while mammals give birth to live young after a period of gestation in which the embryo grows inside its mother's body, the monotreme does not.

Monotremes such as the spiny anteater and the duckbilled platypus lay eggs like reptiles. Because Australia was isolated from the other continents quite early on in prehistory, many species that evolved there are different to any others found anywhere in the world. Evolution in isolation is an interesting quirk.

Australia is also home to marsupials, another group of mammals with some odd characteristics. They don't lay eggs but their young are born very early in the development process and they need to be nourished in the mother's pouch before they become independent.
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Monotreme are mamals that lay eggs some say Monotreme is a tree but its not its a mammal that lays eggs. But Monotreme are only found in Australia.

Happy I could help not like the other person gives way to much information witch makes you have to  read the whole thing holly man I read all that only learn't they lay eggs but now you know that they are mamals that lay eggs and what some people think Monotreme means and its all in a little paracraph
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Monotremes basically are mammals which lay eggs in place of giving birth to survive young like marsupials and placental mammals. The subclass consists of a solitary order, Monotremata. A newborn monotreme is addressed as a puggle.

Generally like other mammals, monotremes have warm blood along with a high metabolic pace; they also have hair on their bodies.

Monotremes even produce milk to nourish their young ones. The normally have a solitary bone in their lower jaw and comprise of three middle ear bones. Initially Monotremes were badly understood.

Monotremes even lactate, but do not have properly defined nipples, releasing milk via their mammary glands through an opening in their skin. The presently surviving paradigms of monotremes are found mainly in Australia and New Guinea, although it is said that there is proof that initially they were quiet widespread

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