What Does Mulligan Mean?


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A mulligan, a term mainly used in the sport of golf, refers to a shot which is not tallied against the score, and which is granted sometimes in informal play following a poor shot, mainly from the tee. In simple words, it basically refers to the second chance that a player obtains to carry out a particular move or act.

In the sport of Golf, a mulligan refers to a shot that is taken again, owing to a wayward shot. Officially, mulligans are strictly disallowed according to the rules of golf, but are commonly seen in informal or social play. Conventionally, mulligans are only permitted on the tee shot of the primary hole.

Other than golf, the term has found its way into other sports as well. It is even used in normal speech to denote an error or blunder which is permitted to go unnoticed without it having any after effects.

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