What Does Guadalupe Mean?


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Guadalupe is a Spanish name which befits both the male and the female.

The name was pronounced as gwah-dhah-LOO-pe. The name comes from a Spanish place by the same name. It is the site of a renowned convent which means "river of the wolf" in Arabic. Though the name is suited both the men and women, it is more appropriate for the female sex.

Mother Mary is referred as Mexico's "Our Lady of Guadalupe. One of the famous "Guadalupe" names is the 16th century Mexican Saint Guadalupe, the patron saint of the Americas. Guadalupe is a popular first name especially in Spain.

It is also famous as a surname. In fact, one witnesses the name being commonly used in Spanish speaking countries like Mexico. Guadalupe Victoria was the first president of Mexico. Guadalupe Parrondo was the also the name of a renowned Mexican concert pianist.
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The name guadalupe means "river of the wolf"
& is also known because of the virgin/st. Guadalupe
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None of the answers so far is correct.
It is Arabic during Muslim reign in Spain. It comes from 2 words, "Wadi" which means valley, and "Al-Lub" which means center, so Wadi Allub means the Valley in the center or central valley.
A look at the map of spain shows that Guadalupe is practically in the center of Spain.
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