What Does Melodrama Mean?


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The word Melodrama means a drama such as a film, play or television program that is characterised by stereotypical characters, exaggerated emotions and interpersonal conflicts. It includes the genre of drama that is characteristic of these qualities. It may also refer to an occurrence or behaviour that is characterised by melodrama.

The word Melodrama is an alteration of the word "melodrama", and was taken from the French word "melodrame" that referred to a drama that was accentuated by accompanying music. It comes from the Greek word "melos" meaning song and "drame" from the Latin "drama" meaning drama.

A melodrama is differentiated from a tragedy because its ending is often happy and not tragic. There is just heightened emotion, a hero's struggle within a moral universe to balance good and evil and all of this is accompanied by music to create an effected exaggeration.
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Melodrama, in its historical sense, was a sort of play with a romantic plot that combined music and drama. The word in its self means melody and drama.
The melodrama was the primary form of theatre during the 19th century...
1. In the early 1800’s, most were romantic, exotic, or supernatural.
2. In the 1820’s, they became more familiar in settings and characters.
3. In the 1830’s, became more elevated: "gentlemanly" melodrama.

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