What Does 'Nano' Mean?


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The word 'nano' is used as a combining form to convey the idea of one billionth of something. The prefix is usually used in the technical context only and that also while writing about the units of measurement.

You can find the use of the word in many of the words and some of the prime among them are nanosecond and nanometer. Nanometre conveys the idea of one thousandth millionth of a metre while nanosecond is the word that makes you think about one thousand millionth of a second.

Though these words are hardly heard in day-to-day conversation, the increase in the use of technology has paved the way for the word being used quite often. Even if it is not used in conversation but certainly in the written context it is used.
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Did you mean what does it mean in Japanese? I think it means "That is" because when it's with "Desu", it means, "That is so."

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