What Does Isometric Mean?


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The term isometric may take on a number of different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. As an adjective it is used to mean exhibiting or of equality in measurements or dimensions. It could mean being or of a crystal system which has three equal axes positioned at ninety degree angles to each other; it is also known as a cubic crystal system. In the field of Physiology it could be used to mean involving or of muscular contraction against resistance wherein the span of the muscle remains constant.

As a noun it is generally used to describe a line which connects isometric points. The term could also refer to an Isometric projection (also known as "isometric perspective"), which is a system for visual representation; Isometric exercise, which is a form of resistance exercise; or Isometric process, which is a thermodynamic process.

The word isometric comes from the Greek term isometros, meaning of equal measure: a break up of iso-, iso- plus metron, meaning measure.

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