What Does Jackal Mean?


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Jackal is the name of an animal. It is nocturnal in nature and is a canine mammal which makes it closely related to the dog. It is smaller than a wolf in size. Thus it is medium sized and belongs to the family Canidae. It is found in Africa and Asia. It is a wild animal by nature and resides in forests. The name jackal is derived from a Persian word "shagal". These animals are at their most active during dawn and dusk.

They fall in the category of scavengers and lesser predators. Jackals have long legs, blunt feet and curved canine teeth. These features assist in food gathering and hunting its prey. Its feet are suited for running long distances. Jackals at times hunt in groups but generally they hunt in a pair or singly. There are four species of jackals. There is an ancient Egyptian god of embalming and burial who possessed the body of a man but the head of a jackal.

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