What Does Imperative Mean?


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The English language is undoubtedly one of the most complicated in the world and many of the words within the English dictionary have subtly different meanings and many of them can actually mean different things when they are stated in different sentences or in a different context. This is why the English language is extremely hard to master if it is not your first language, in fact even if English is your first language it can still be very difficult to master the spellings and the meanings of all the words within the English vocabularly, especially as there are  new words with different meanings being added all the time. The word imperative is one word in the English dictionary that has a relatively straight forward meaning, it is one word that cannot be misconstrued. Imperative means absolutely necessary or vital, something that simply has to be done no matter what the cost. There are a number of ways that the word imperative can be used in a sentence. Here are some of the most informative examples of how the word imperative can be used. There is a fire in the house and it is imperative that it is extinguished as soon as possible. When you are driving in a car as a passenger or a driver it is imperative that you wear a seatbelt at all times. There are many other ways to use the word imperative but this should clearly explain the meaning of the word.
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Imperative words are requests, commands, orders, etc.

For example in the sentence: "Give me that apple please." 'give' is an imperative word.
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Its a command duh with a period
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The term imperative means some thing absolutely necessary or required. It is also a term used in computer science, known as imperative programming, in disparity to declarative programming.

It is basically a programming paradigm which illustrates the computation as statements which alter a program state. In quiet the similar way as the imperative mood in normal language expresses instructions to take actions. Imperative programs are a series of commands for a computer to carry out functions. Imperative programming languages is quiet dissimilar to other sorts of languages.

Practical programming languages like Haskell are not a series of avowal and have no world wide state as crucial languages do. The initial imperative languages were basically the machine languages or the original computers and in these languages, commands were very easy.
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Imperative means if something is needed or required.(Example) It is imperative that you need to have a high S.A.T grade to get into college.
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