What Do Hand Gestures Mean Around The World?


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Hand gestures are being used the world over to convey numerous ideas and sometimes it is these gestures that convey a stronger message than that of the words that we utter from our mouth.

Suppose you ask a question to somebody and he is not interested in answering it at that point of time. What the person will do is to show his palm to you and give you a blank look; the message is crystal clear. The person dislikes that question at that point of time and expects you not to utter the question again.

There are some other gestures also the meaning of which can be figured out. If you find a person twiddling his fingers, the message you can get from him is that he is nervous. There are some other gestures also and if you study them closely, you yourself can conclude what these gestures convey.
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Sticking the pinky finger up in japan is a rude hand gesture!!!!

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