What Do The Initials DBJ And The Numbers 925 Mean On Jewelry I.e. Rarrings?


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  • DBJ is the crafter of the jewelry
  • 925 is the gold rating
On most custom made jewelry, the person who crafts it will leave behind their initials. This helps the piece be recognised as the original. In earlier times, many jewelers would leave behind their three initials to make it absolutely clear they were behind the design of the jewelry. If it is a newer piece of jewelry it may reflect the manufacturer name, but in most cases it is the actual designer's initials in which case you need to research who that might have been to determine the true value of the piece.
The number is technically the gold rating; however, it is an unusual number. Most gold will have 916 or 917 meaning 22 or 24 karat gold. These are the more common numbers to see. The 925 does not mean the jewelry is a fake, but you should take it to a jeweler to make sure there is nothing off about the number.
In most cases the number on a piece of jewelry will tell you the type of precious metal that it is and of course its purity. 925 has been linked with the purity of silver or sterling silver over gold. In other words, if you have a yellow gold piece of jewelry with DBJ 925, you may want to suspect the gold for being fake. 925 could have been used as a purity rating for white gold, but according to the research it is for silver jewelry over that of any type of gold. Then again it is also a purity rating, so it could also mean the jewelry has been gold plated and is silver underneath. A jeweler should be able to tell you more.
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The bracelet is Sterling Silver vermeil. The metal is silver. I have a bracelet with those stamps and it's genuine. There will be no gold marks on an item with gold vermeil because it is just a thin layer of gold.
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Usually only 925 sterling silver jewelry with "S925" or "925" mark.I think your jewelry main material is 925 sterling silver and outside with gold plated.you can check follow link for you reference:
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Hi, it is important to pay attention to the initials on the silver jewelry and to choose chains, earrings, or rings of only with the stamp of initials of 925 which shows the purity of the silver used for making the jewelry piece. Recently I found wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry with the Initials of 925 at JewelryBund. Now I always know what to give to my wife to make her happy.

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As far as my knowledge about jewelry goes, 925 means sterling silver while DBJ can be the sign or the symbol of the manufacturer.

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