What Does It Mean When You Can't Stop Thinking About Someone Even Though They've Treated You Badly?


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It is difficult to be able to pin point a reason why you would be unable to stop thinking of someone even though they’ve hurt you. There could be a range of different reasons.

One such reason is that you have unfinished business with them, and although they have treated you badly, you still wish to be friends and so are unable to stop thinking about them. Whether it is because you feel as if you can’t trust them or because in return for treating you badly, you may have said or done things to them that you regret.

Another reason you may be unable to stop thinking about someone is that, you love them very much, whether it be a parent a sibling or a partner.

Everyone does things that hurt someone they really love and care about at some time, but they never mean to do it as no one is perfect. And it can be difficult to stop thinking about that person, because you love them and you want everything to be ok between you as you may worry that it was your fault. On the other hand you may not be able to stop thinking about them because what they did was so hurtful to you and it is only made worse by that person being someone that you love and trust.

A final reason that you may not be able to stop thinking about someone is that the thing that has been done to you was so terrible that you are unable to get it out of your head. Some people block out a really bad event by suppressing them in their mind, but it is much healthier to face what has been done as you will then be able to move on from that. Once you grasp the reason for your focus on that person, you will be able to understand it and even grow from it.
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Lust? Blind love? Familiarity? Letting your heart rule over your head? If this is a call for advice - don't go back to him/her - they will just let you down again
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I think that you only think about him because at some point in time, he made you feel special..and that deep inside you seriously believe he does care about you. Ask him and see if he fels the same way..Maybe he just misjuge your intentions that's why he treated you badly.
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It can be the case of a strict authoritarian parent that keeps beating you so hard, fighting or insulting you the whole time but no matter what he does, you keep loving him because you know he is like that and he will never change. Or a woman whose husband keeps screaming at her and fighting  with her, but she resists and keep being silent because she knows he had a bad exhausting day at work.  Anyway, all I want to say, unconditional love doesn't give this kind of things a big importance because despite what this person do, your love for him won't change. Sometimes, it does but it depends on the person and his patience. We know very well that love makes us blind and unreasonable sometimes.

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Wow, same thing for me! But I think it's because me and that person have had a long journey together. We've both hurt each other in different ways and sometimes it's hard to get past that. I think he hurts me because he knows that he can. He knows that I'm just going to forgive him and move on. But on my side, I did one thing a couple of years ago and I'm still paying for it. I don't know what it is with him, but it really hurts. :(
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One needs to forgive the person from ones mind and forget the whole issue. Another thing to do is to accommodate or tolerate the person as he is.
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If you are not able to stop thinking about the person who dislikes you then your question got two answers "maybe you love that person too much or you hate that person too much " because only in those two cases we cannot forget the person first of all you think whether you love that person or you hate that person and take necessary steps for the best you can get.
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I think it means you have unfinished business with them which needs to be finished, and it could be you are having difficulty forgiving them.If you have unfinished business, contact them and finish it, and then forgive them, but have nothing more to do with them, because they treated you badly. Make sure you tell them this, because saying it to the person can also help. Hope this works
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Ah, this happens to me all the time, really not much to celebrate about, but anyways. What i've learned is that, maybe if they've treated you badly, and you still cant stop thinking about them, is maybe you're looking to find some kind of approval which you may never receive from that person, but are hopping that it may happen. I know, its a hard thing to endure, but you'll pull through eventually. Hey, im not dead, haha. Anyways. Sleep on it. It could help.
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I am going through that right now and it is very hard cause like some of you it has been vice versa and each person has felt hurt by the other and then sometimes the other person is tainted with things that happen in the past so they believe you will hurt them again so they use less tact when dealing with the situation leaving you feeling hurt. I think the best think to do is to tell them and state your case and then let them decide if they think the friendship is worth saving or you can decide if it is worth saving.....or not!!

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