What Does Ignorant Mean?


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Ignorant means lacking knowledge or information. It can mean being unaware or uninformed. Ignorant can also mean being without education. Ignorant can refer to a lack of basic knowledge, in this context it can apply to a body or art of knowledge as well.

The word ignorant is taken from the Middle English word "ignoraunt" which comes from the Old French "ignorant" in its turn taken from the Latin word "ignorare" meaning to be ignorant or to not know.

In its various forms ignorant can be termed as nescient, uninstructed, uneducated, illiterate, unlearned, untaught, unschooled, innocent, backward, primitive, unenlightened, oblivious etc. Antonyms of ignorant include educated, literate, talented, intelligent, aware, wise etc.

Ignorance is generally not a permanent trait and it can be countered or removed by providing information or spreading awareness. "He was blissfully unaware of any danger till he saw that the lion was just a few feet away from him". The act of seeing here takes away ignorance.
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It means lack of knowledge. It's not in insult. I'm ignorant of a lot of subjects I don't know anything about. People like to use it as an insult. Especially stupid people and especially when it's involving race. It's use now is very ironic. For instance a person may be well informed about illegal immigration which is why he is against it. But someone who is for it, and lacks a lot of knowledge on the subject will often call the other person ignorant.
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Ignorant means has 2 meanings:  Lack of knowledge, or stubborn.
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Ignorant = lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.  Ex.  Bill was very ignorant of astronomy.  Ex.  Young children are ignorant since they are uneducated and have little life experience.  Ex.  When johnny failed his math test he was  called ignorant and stupid by his friends.     Hope this helps!
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It means stupid. People just use that word because they want to sound smart
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Ignorant means stupid. Don't let the big word fool you. It is used by people who try or are smart and usa a wide or smart vocabulary.
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Ignorant means that you don't care about things that are going on around you or not paying any attention
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Ignorance and stupidity are two completely different terms:

Ignorance: Lacking knowledge, being unaware.

Example: Due to the instructor's poor attendance and quality of assignment, Tom and the other students were left ignorant of the test date- which actually had been re-scheduled to Friday.

Stupidity seems to be defined more of as a problem or nuisance.
Example: Tom was called "stupid" by his peers for choosing to remain ignorant and not paying attention to the lectures, this caused him to fail the course.

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