What does ignorance breeds ignorance mean?


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When a person does not know something, they are said to be ignorant.  The less you know, the less you can know because there is no jumping off point for learning more.  (i.e., if you cannot read, how will you learn about astronomy, physics or biology).  That's my interpretation of it.  Hope it helps.
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Ignorance breeds ignorance can be simply explained through this example..When a  radio deejay saying something out of ignorance, and the audience or listeners accepts blindly whatever was being uttered, with the mass mentality that deejay knows best, and later the listeners spread the ideas to their friends.

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The more you know the more the world opens up before you, and you understand there is more to know and understand. It seems that truly knowledgeable people come across as humble.  Ignorant people mistakingly think that their knowledge is complete and thus come across as confident.  Their ignorance breeds confidence.

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Well if you are ignorant of something or everything ,then you will not be able to challenge other people who are as ignorant as you are, when they tell you their ignorant false facts and so your ignorance will become even more so. Likewise  if you are well informed on something or things then you will be able to add to your knowledge as understanding leads to more understanding. So in these ways ignorance leads to more ignorance and knowledge leads to more knowledge.

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