What Does Illegitimate Mean?


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Illegitimate means a number of things including something that is illegal, unlawful or against the law. When referring to children, it generally refers to children who are born out of wedlock, where the biological parents of the child are unmarried. In Judaism only children born by incest are termed as illegitimate or bastards. In terms of grammar it refers to something that is not in general correct usage. As a form of reasoning it can mean something totally illogical or incorrectly deduced. Illegitimate in biology refers to a scientific name that is unacceptable due to its non confirmation with international norms.

The antonyms of illegitimate include blessed, authorised, legal, legitimate, sanctioned, justifiable, moral etc. Something Illegitimate can be defined as something illegal, illicit, unlawful, lawless, criminal, misbegotten, bastard, baseborn etc.

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