What Does Sump Mean?


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Sump is a low space. It often collects undesirable liquids like waste water and chemicals. A gasoline pump has a space called sump. It is an oil sump and collects oil that is required to lubricate the various parts of the engine. It is located at the bottom of the engine. An aquarium or a reef system is also an example of a sump. This sump is located below the main tank and is used as a filter.

Sump is also an expression used to describe a submerged passage in caving. They prove instrumental in stopping the caving excavations of cavers. It would be able to carry on with the exploration only through cave diving. Sumps can be emptied through various methods but while some are very strenuous in nature some others cause environmental damage.
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Sump is a kind of low space. It often collects as the undesirable liquid. It may be in the form of chemicals or water. It is used to define a submerged passage. It is usually used in the caving process. The explorations can be sustained by cave plunging or by vacating the sumps off their water, drawing off the entire water with the help of hosepipe. This is however only having practicality in the upstream sumps. For the downstream sumps, cave diving is required. This is done for the reason that we are able to reach the lower levels which is done to allow the entire liquid is to be drawn off.

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