What Does Ingle Mean?


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The word ingle has its origin in the Scottish Gaelic language and is probably obtained from the word aingeal. The word aingeal means fire or light. This word was also written as angel and later it was modified as engle or enghle. This word engle means anel or sweet heart. Thus, the meaning for ingle differs.

The word ingle is a noun and means a fireplace or hearth. Fireplace is an open space for fire in the wall of a room. It could also mean fire burning in a fireplace. Inglenook is word derived from 'ingle'. It is also a noun and denotes a place that is close to or on either side of the fireplace. One can sit at an inglenook to get the warmth of the burning fire.
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The word ingle or engle is still used today in Scotland but it is dying out. It is a fireplace or hearth but like many words interpreted to modern English it has lost its depth of meaning. 

To think of this word please think back to ancient times when the country was not divided up physically into countries .These islands were home to many tribes and clans each with their own territories. These tribes co-habited all over these islands. Think of their camps and long houses or round houses and you begin to feel the importance of the ingle. The ingle was the heart of the home. The most important part of the commune. 
 Each tribe probably referred to their home as the Engle or ingle. As a guest you would have been invited to their engle. The words ham and hous were later introduced by other northern European tribes such as Norse and Anglos and developed into the words house an home.

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