What Does Roughshod Mean?


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The word "roughshod" is used in two ways. In its equestrian sense it refers to modified horseshoes that have points or projecting nails that offer better grip and prevent slipping. The other meaning of the word is when used to something as being marked or characterised by brutal force. In its latter sense synonyms of "roughshod" include heavy-handed, cruel, vicious, savage, brutal and barbarous. The word "roughshod" is also part of an idiom "ride roughshod over" that means to treat something or behave in a manner characterised by brutal force. "Your roughshod treatment of your kids has estranged them to you" is an example of its use in a sentence.

The word "roughshod" is found used in other languages as well; it is "ferrato" in Italian, "com ferraduras" in Portuguese and "herrado con ramplones" in Spanish.

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