What Does Crunching Mean?


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Crunching is a sound. The crunch sound is made by an object when its crunches on another surface, for instance, the crunching sounds made by a person's shoes when he or she is walking on a path strewn with gravel. Crunching is also defined as pressing or grinding on a surface with a crunching noise.

Some people generally have the irritating habit of making noises when they chew their food. Not only is this noisy chewing (which is almost as if the person is crushing his or her food inside his or her mouth) a very bad habit which must be avoided at all costs for the sake of good etiquette and table manners, but it is also extremely rude to the person's dining companions.

The word crunching is also used in the field of electronics in connection with numbers or data, as in number-crunching or data-crunching, which means to minimise the amount of memory used by a computer to store a program or the amount of time it takes for the command to get processed and to achieve the desired results.

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