What Does Cracking Mean?


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Cracking refers to the practice used in the petroleum industry to break petroleum or hydrocarbon molecules into smaller molecules in a bid to remove low boiling chemical components like gasoline. Cracking can be done by hydrocracking, catalytic or thermal methods. Since the demand for gasoline is on the rise compared to the demand for heavier chemical components, it becomes important to initiate the cracking process to balance the supply of petroleum goods.

Cracking also refers to act of breaking into a computer system with a motive to steal confidential data or indulge in mischief like planting a virus. A cracker does not require the brilliance of a hacker or a qualified, talented programmer. With some amount of relevant knowledge and persistence, someone cracking into the computer can cause severe problem to the security of your computer system. There is even cracker software available which can make things easier for the sly cracker. Incidentally, cracking also means an abrupt, sharp noise. Another meaning of the word cracking is "excellent" or "brilliant." For example: England had a cracking win in the last test match.

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