What Does Sutherland Mean?


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The word Sutherland is used as a place name. It is a county in United States of America. This word has its origin in Norse. Thus, specifically it originated from the Indo-European languages of Norwegian, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. The term Sutherland was used to mean a land that was situated to the south. Thus, Sutherland generally indicates 'southern'. It was taken from the word Suðrland which meant Southland. These people also termed the Western Isles as 'Southern Isles'.

This name Sutherland also carries two other names. These names originate in Scottish Gaelic language (language generally spoken in Scotland and Canada). The names are Cataibh and Dùthaich Mhic Aoidh. Cataibh meant Lnad of Cat People and generally applied to the southeast. Dùthaich Mhic Aoidh was generally used for North West.

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